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Insights into the state of e-Commerce across the Global South

Key findings:

Updated 20/09/2018

Helani Galpaya was invited as an expert speaker to the Intergovernmental Group of Experts (IGE) on e-Commerce and Digital  Economy meeting which took place during UNCTAD’s e-Commerce week.

Helani’s presentation focused on the state of connectivity, use of mobile payment and level of e-Commerce use in the Global South, as revealed by the AfterAccess survey LIRNEasia, RIA and DIRSI have just completed. She was also an invited speaker at the first IGE in 2017.

Key highlights from the report:

  • Populations living in urban or rural areas with greater coverage does not necessarily get populations online.
  • Peru and Paraguay show the highest urban rural gaps in social media use in Latin America.
  • About 13% of Bangladeshi’s use the Internet.
  • Latin America uses apps for transport, trading and ecommerce the most out of the global South.
  • India and Pakistan use transport and taxis the most in Asia, while only India uses trading or e-Commerce the most.
  • In Africa, Ghana has a higher usage than South Africa and Nigeria for both transport, trading and e-Commerce
  • While all countries use online platforms to sell labour, the highest percentages come from Columbia, India and Mozambique but all countries are below 15%
  • Skill and relevance are key barriers for Asia to sell goods or services through the internet or mobile apps