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Actionable insights on mobile and Internet access and use

AfterAccess is a catalyst for positive change: A comprehensive body of research that includes nationally-representative, demand-side data comparable across more than 16 developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

About AfterAccess

Mobile phones and the Internet are becoming ubiquitous, pervading the gamut of economic and social activity. Information on access to and use of mobile phone and the Internet therefore are of prime importance to governments and other decision-makers. Yet the available information is insufficient, in that it is either supply-side provided, or not representative of sample populations.

Our Research Network

Our surveys are conducted by pro-poor sister-networks across the Global South with support from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). With AfterAccess, the networks build on over a decade of experience in using rigorous research to inform ICT policy and regulation in their respective regions. The leadership team, comprising Alison Gillwald, Helani Galpaya and Aileen Aguero is steeped in the work of ICT market analysis and regulation in developing countries.

View the full AfterAccess Survey results as presented at the IGF in Geneva in 2017.

View the AfterAccess datasets for Africa.

View the Key Highlights and Connectivity Brochure.

View the Microwork presentation.






Household and individual interviews

“The quality and richness of what is in the AfterAccess research means it should be widely read and should have considerable potential impact. If policymakers are to make effective use of ICTs they need to know what’s actually happening in their societies, rather than relying on a mix of old or unreliable data, hype and glib assumptions. They need surveys like these and they need to take account of what they say.” 

David Souter, Managing Director, ICT Development Associates

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